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August 18, 2012

All the images in this piece are taken from paintings of mine, except for the robin death ray.



February 24, 2012

please choose highest available quality. It will look a lot better, honest.

A heavy hand

February 15, 2012

a heavy hand in the black sky

Sound file based on a page from Gray Vacation.

And a slightly improved version:

another heavy hand in the black sky

I think I’m going to get extravagant and buy logic studio. I hadn’t realized how out-of-date my audio tools are.


Notes for my next golem

January 22, 2012


In my day, we thought nothing of grinding cinnabar with a mortar and pestle for three days at a time!

April 19, 2009

I’m exhausted just from reading this:

Take a nice, dry, willow stick, and make some little slips of it the length of the palm of your hand, or, say, four fingers. Then divide these pieces like match sticks; and do them up like a bunch of matches. But first smooth them and sharpen them at each end, like spindles. Then tie them up in bunches this way, in three places to the bunch, that is, in the middle and at each end, with a thin copper or iron wire. Then take a brand-new casserole, and put in enough of them to fill up the casserole. Then get a lid to cover it, luting it with clay so that nothing can evaporate from it in any way. Then go to the baker’s in the evening, after he has stopped work, and put this casserole into the oven; and let it stay there until morning: and see whether these coals are well roasted, and good and black. If you find that they are not roasted enough, you must put the casserole back into the oven. —Cennino Cennin, Il Libro dell’Arte

All that for some charcoal.

Then there are instructions on how to prepare a panel for sketching, how to make a style of lead to draw with, how to make a nice wash of white lead(!) for touching in highlights, and so much more.

Next time, how to make a brush!


And I like tea.

April 16, 2009

“God, Republicans are such children. Like, Oh, I hear a whiny,
pathetic crying—is that a Republican in my house? Oh, no, it’s just
my 9 month old BABY.” —JRoth, Unfogged comment