2 Responses to “Smiteology”

  1. Nancy S Anthony Says:

    I now own this and want to understand better what your thinking is re the title “Smiteology”

  2. martha mccollough Says:

    Hi Nancy,
    I’m so pleased that you bought this painting–it’s a favorite of mine. It’s kind of a private joke. Smite is one of my favorite words; it evokes for me the bearded old-testament god who haunted my childhood, and seems to belong peculiarly to him, while -ology is a great suffix for adding bogus scienceness to any concept, just as the dotted line adds scienceness to the painting (I have another small painting called “Escapeology” about out-of-body travel)….Here the Smiteologist is just getting in a little practice blowing up a house.
    It’s an expression of the somewhat paranoid relationship to the world which you can see in a lot of my paintings, for example “Everlasting” elsewhere on this blog.

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